Activation & Easter Break

After a nice Easter break with my family, I am headed back to Augustana later today.  Now that things in my life have calmed down a little, I am so exited to announce that I am official an active member of the sorority Zeta Phi Kappa.  These girls are amazing and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.  

It’s Official!

It’s official, I am now a psychology major. So excited to have finally declared! Next year fall term I get to start taking psych classes. Even though I have been quite busy lately, the work is starting to pay off! #excited #psychology #augie 

Spring Break!

Winter term has concluded and spring break is finally here! Tomorrow I am headed to Florida! After an exciting- yet slightly stressful- winter term, I am looking forward to starting my new classes in March! 

Informal Rush!

Informal rush for Augustana Greek Life concluded today and it was a blast! I got to meet so many great girls this weekend and I am excited for the rest of this process. All of the groups have so much to offer. It was really fun getting to know everyone. Hopefully the next step is formal rush.. Fingers crossed! 

Winter Term: Round Two!

After a relaxing break and great Christmas and New Year I am excited to get back to school! I’m looking forward to resuming with my classes and choir.  Also, Greek rush is right around the corner! The next few weeks are going to be a lot of fun! 

Chipotle for a Cause

Tonight I enjoyed some great food from Chipotle in support of the fundraiser for Camp Kesem, a service organization that helps children of parents with cancer.  Keep up the great work Augie!

Winter Term Initiated…

After a long and relaxing fall break, I got to begin all of my new classes yesterday. This term I am exploring my artistic side and I am taking Intro to Theater and piano lessons! In addition I also started Spanish 202 and LSFY 202.  My LSFY class is called From India to China and we will be discussing three religions practiced in India and China.  We are even planning on going on a field trip to a Hindu temple. I am so excited!! Winter term is off to an amazing start.